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PLEASE post product queries in the relevant forum! Links below....

This General Veritas forum is for 'general Veritas topics', NOT for product-related queries.If you post here, your product-related query may not be seen for days.... or weeks! Please find product forums here for best possible visibility: Protection: ...

Marianne by Moderator
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Validate Technical Support - Case Management

Hi, I'm not able to validate my account for MySupport Case manager. So, I can not create cases? I received Welcome to Symantec Enterprise Support Services e-mail with Symantec Support Contact ID number in it. But when I try to activate it, it said t...

MiTja-CiS by Not applicable
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windows defender installation

i am trying to download and install windows defender on my 32 bit xp desktop. but i get a message saying i need to remove microsoft client protection .

triniian by Not applicable
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Norton Internet Security 10

Hello, I am using OWA for reading and sending e-mails for my company. Two days ago I made a Norton check for viruses over my computer and just like this all my inbox items have been disappeared. I have checked every single folder of my OWA mailbox b...

Downloading older definitions

We have Internet Security 2009, and a dial-up -- that's right dial-up! -- Internet connection. The definitions are too overwhelming for our connect to download.  The support gave us the link to download the latest updates to a faster compter, then co...

Tjkris by Not applicable
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Basic Stuff

I'm just starting to use an old version of ACT ( ACT2000).  Old ACT - new employer.  Wondering if anyone can tell me how I can change the "Record Manager?"

Norton products

I DON'T NO WHERE ELSE TO GET THIS INFORMATION SO I  HOPE SOMEONE HERE CAN HELP ME OUT.  I do much sales for Norton products to consumers and I just opened up a computer repair store front in which we will start doing buainess sales. For myconsumer cl...

Resolved! InstallMaster 8.1 in Windows 7

Hi, Can someone tell me whether Wise Installmaster 8.1 still works in Windows 7.  Our company is planning on migrating to Win7somewhere in 2010 and asked me to investigate some of the older tools we are using. I know it's already "ancient" software ...

SystemWorks keep deleting my Login Cookies

SystemWorks keep deleting my Login Cookies! I want it to stop deleting my cookies! I have already set everything I know of to stop it form doing this it seems to delete my cookies every week, or two weeks, or so. I mean when I go to any websites that...

Resolved! help with virus

Have an old compaq computer and I cannot use the internet logged in as me due to a virus and I have Norton.  My wife can login as guest and she has no problems. win32/nugel.e, attached from port 18645.  I believe this is the name of the virus recei...

brianpp by Not applicable
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configure Alert email on Dell ITA

HI, I install and configure  ITA  to  monitors all dell servers.  Symantec antivirals are installed on all dell servers. I couldn't send the Alert email  form the ITA. I wonder to know that which port it should be open   to let me  send  email . beca...

Ramila by Level 2
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Custom rules for a program using a VPN connection?

 Hello all! I tried to do a search but most of the results seems like gibberish to a security-newbie like me, so here goes: I've been trying to find a guide that I could follow to make some sort of rule for the program I most often use with my VPN-...

Wanuvas by Level 2
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Resolved! Update NIS 2010 offline

   I have NIS 2010 and want to update it. I have an internet connection that is not so fast and it would not be possible for me to update NIS as the first update is huge. So I wanted to use another PC with a high internet connection to download full ...

Heetesh by Not applicable
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turning off "corporate edition" bubble

I am a private computer user afflicted with the small "corporate edition" bubble which comes on each with each boot-up. How do I turn this off permanently, I have no interest in te corporated edition. Thanks, Vern

PartnerNet Internal License Program Form Issues

Hi I'm trying to get some software through the internal license program as part of PartnerNet. We are a Platinum Partner however when I have selected this in the form it says that there is no products available for the selected partner type, this is...

Back up Exec grace period

Please verify if Backup Exec or Availability products has a grace period. I believe Endpoint or security products have 30 day grace period and that Availability products has none. When licenses expires, it expires at the given date, can still back-up...

erlyn by Not applicable
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