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Intelligent Updater virus definition file runs but doesn't update Symantec Anti-Virus

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I downloaded the file from Symantec, run it, but it doesn't update the workstation's Symantec Antivirus program.  File offers yes/no to "want to update all Symantec products", I have tried it both ways & it fails both ways.  This worked fine in June, but 8/11 file doesn't work for me now.  File name is 20110811-004-v5i32.exe.

What am I doing wrong?


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Are there any pop-ups or errors in the Windows Event log? I would first make sure the MD5 matches what is on the server (DC7E0BD2DF91EE88D446BE89A9091800), it is possible the file got corrupted durring download.




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Good morning,
I'm having trouble installing Ubuntu 11.4 Savreporter, displays the following error. Can someone help me?

root@serv-virtual-machine:/home/serv/Desktop/reporting# dpkg -i  savreporter-*.all.deb
dpkg: error processing savreporter-1.0.10-44.all.deb (--install):
 parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/' near line 10 package 'savreporter':
 duplicate value for `Depends' field
Errors were encountered while processing:


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@ Flaviorb2

The only document that I can find on SAVFL Reporter is the README. Take a look at the notes below.


Make sure that Perl 5.8.0 or later and the related Perl module package (for example, perl-libwww-perl for RedHat/SuSe Linux) are installed on the client.
 5. Install the SAVFL Reporter package by typing one of the following commands:
    # rpm -Uhv savreporter-*.noarch.rpm     (on RedHat/SuSe Linux)
    # dpkg -i  savreporter-*.all.deb        (on Ubuntu/Debian Linux)   
 6. Edit the configuration file /etc/reporterd.ini to set the server IP address and modify the other settings.
 7. Optionally, switch the reporter service to RunNow mode by typing the following command:
    # /etc/init.d/reporterd runnow
    You can then see the corresponding logs (scan log, risk log and computer status log) in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager console.

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followed all the steps from the README, and yet the problem continues, he can not install! the kernel version is compatible (6.2.38-8-generic)

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The only thing that I can suggest is to open a case with Symantec Support.


Online Portal -

Phone -


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Hello, i have downloaded a trial of Norton due to faults with another i used for some time. After only a few days it wants me to update again after downloading almost 152 meg. There was a failing of that update but it fianlly completed all. Now it wants to update again. My real issue is that  after i look to see how much i have to download, it said 16.5 meg. Ok, nothing  big so i can do that. It failed after downloading almost 14 meg. I re connect to find it now wants 13.25 meg and i am downloading from 0 upwards. Why? it only wanted to download 16 meg 3 minuets before and if it failed, why not simply continue where it left off? I do not have all night to use the internet and in fact, i only use a dongle that cost me £2.99 for 500 meg thus i value any ability to keep filesize to a minimum if i can.

I can download 20 meg in a few minuets from some domaind but others are very slow and downloading definitions seems to take a few hours at times only to  reach almost the full download and then fail. Worse is when  it restarts back at  zero.

Any ideas why it should re start at lower then previous and also why so many fails? And can i ask, does it not keep what it has already downloaded upto the point of failing?

I  am presently upto 12.6 of the 13.25, if it fails before it has completed, it will start all over  again and it does seem  a little too much to want to update only a few days after it's first updates.


Thank you.

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Hi Heatseeqerz,


This is the wrong forum for posting Norton questions. Please visit the Norton community at

There are experts there, more than happy to help you out. Another other option is the Norton Support page on Facebook.