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Need to re-download .slf license file for SEP12 - how/where?

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This should probably be a "sticky" - my trial of SEP12 SBE has expired, I have all my license & serial#s, product properly registered, and I can find no place to generate or obtain a .slf file to activate my product.  How and/or where do I go for this, please?


Level 6

See this -

How to Register a Serial number to download new license file in Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business ?


If you still have issues, call licensing at 1-800-721-3934 and select option 2.

Level 2
If you already registered the serial number (M**********), you can search it on this website : Once you have logged in to the site, follow these instructions: - Click manage my licenses - Search your license catalogue - Search for "serial number" - Searched for Owned - and enter the M********** serial number you have registered before.

Level 5

In order to help you with the creation of the account and the registration of your products please follow the step-by-step description below. We have added the exact serial numbers that you will need to enter.

Please follow the steps below:

Navigate to
Click “Create Account”
Enter the required details
Click “Create Account”
Accept the Symantec User agreement
You will receive a confirmation page for the creation of your License Portal account
Click on the “Licensing Portal Home Page” button at the bottom of the screen

Click on “New Purchase”
Enter the following serial number: xxxxx
Click “Submit”
If you have more serial numbers for the same product, please enter them in the "Add another license for this product" field and click "add"
Click “Next”
In the following page, please verify and enter information related to your license registration
Click "Complete Registration" at the bottom of the page
The license file has now been sent via email to you
In the “License confirmation and license key(s)” page you can also download the license file again, or you can download the software by clicking on "get software"