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PLEASE post product queries in the relevant forum! Links below....

This General Veritas forum is for 'general Veritas topics', NOT for product-related queries.If you post here, your product-related query may not be seen for days.... or weeks! Please find product forums here for best possible visibility: Protection: ...

Marianne by Moderator
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Adding Norton Product Key to Additional Computer

Greetings, I am pretty sure my subscription to Norton allows me to use it on 3 computers. I only have it on one and would like to put it on my new computer. Is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction or tell me how to do this. ...

Annie_B by Not applicable
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Resolved! Definition Updates

I have what should be a very simple question....   HOW DO I MAKE SEP ONLY UPDATE DEFINITIONS AT NIGHT?   Every Tuesday my server is busy updating and running scans etc... etc... and killing my system.

Zagros by Not applicable
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moving Nortan to a new computer

Hi, I have many months remaining on my account and I just purchased a new computer. I have all the correct key code and the software is for xp/vista/windows 7 systems. How would I move my subscription from the old XP computer to the New Windows 7 com...

Need Experts Help

Helllo I wanted to know something about Norton Antivirus products.....I am using Norton Antivirus 2007 Registered with registered key and everything.....My Norton Antivirus 2007 registration key is only for Windows Xp and Windows Vista....Currently I...

Tanveer1 by Not applicable
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Windows 98 Clone

I need to make a clone of a hard drive with a Windows 98 OS.  My plan is to clone to an external hard drive.  Is there a Symantec program that will do such a thing?  Also, I'm a little naive about cloning.  Once I clone, will I be able to operate pro...

Nilram by Level 2
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Hi, a while back I decided to play the old CoD4 (Modern Warfare 1) on my PS3. Please note that this is LONG. This is not meant to be a story, but an idea of what happened so it will be easier to sort out what was wrong. I noticed a clan tag: [PLA] th...

MixMasher by Not applicable
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Creating Windows 7 Image using Symantec Ghost 2003

Hi All, I prepared a Dell latitude 630n laptop, installed windows 7 and other programs on. I created the image using symantec ghost 2003, after deploying it on another laptop and restarted the following message appeared:" Windows failed to start. A r...

gahmajany by Not applicable
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Auto renewal is flawed

I don't remember agreeing to automatic renewal of my Norton 360.  While I really like the protection & customer support I've received in the past, I think you should be more transparent in your renewal process.  I wouldn't have known that you had cha...

mie900sp by Not applicable
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cant connect to remote connections

I purchased pc anywhere so I can dial into remote sites to save me travel time. When I am at my office it dials into sites fine never have any issues but when I am at home it keeps telling me I have a communications error. Both office and home I use ...

big_poppy by Not applicable
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Resolved! problems after installing updates

I have a few computers with PentiumIII motherboard which has been installed with symantec corporate edition antivirus. for long time I haven't had any problems with my antivirus , definition updates and so on. but from three months ago I've been face...

sarahbr by Level 3
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Norton AV locked up a file on my hard drive.

Hi, I'm new to this website, and I'm not sure where this topic should go; in fact, I find navigation on Symantec Connect to be the worst, and least obvious that I have ever encountered.  Plus it wouldn't let me change my password; what is "field {0} ...

Fraydo by Level 2
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Resolved! Enterprise Support Portal – Create A Case Broken (HTTP 400)?

I am trying to log a case and get “The webpage cannot be found - HTTP 400” error instead, this is when on Step 2 and then selecting “Yes - continue to create this case” and then selecting continue.  Anyone else seeing this or know if it can be fixed?...

pro_gti by Level 2
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Box product

If any chance that I lost the box product that I have purchase, Is there a chance to retrieve the license information? I did not register the serial number in the portal?

Uninstalling End Point Protection Vs 11.0.780.1109

I have been trying to unistall end point protection from my laptop, almost at the end of removing, just frezes and can't complete uninstall process; need to install Norton 360. Does anybody have any tip how to avoid this problem?. please advice

exusamce4 by Not applicable
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procomm plus v4.8

I have been using Procomm plus 4.8 with windows me to do file sharing. I recently installed into laptop with windows xp.  When trying to file sharing the message error comes up no files found.  Is there a compatibility issue with XP?  Are there updat...

eye_tech by Not applicable
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Gateway E4300 will not PXE boot to transfer image

I've seen this same general issue in other forums where the Yukon Marvell NIC will not transfer an image using PIX boot services.  My PXE server/tftp server windows display a connection or request to transfer an image, then the computer I'm trying to...

tech2xp by Not applicable
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Resolved! Uninstalling Symantec Win64 without password

I have been trying to uninstall this product from my Laptop (Vista Ultimate). I no longer have the HP supplied disk and password. Can you tell me how to uninstall this software as it reinstalls even after a regedit.   Thank You

chrisrny by Level 2
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Resolved! Bsod Error c0000218

I started getting the bsod with error c0000218 on both of my pcs at the first of Decemer, 2010.  Running corporate edition 9x.  Tried everything short of formatting the hd and reinstalling XP with sp3.  Ran several spyware and malware removal apps to...

pucci by Not applicable
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