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Norton Utilities 15 Has Some Odd Facets

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Recently, I purchased Norton Utilities 15.  The program does do some useful things.

Unfortunately, there are some major bugs.

1) If a Symantec Customer uses Symantec Endpoint Protection and uninstalls Norton Utilities 15 (trial) Symantec Endpoint Protection will no longer function until uninstalled then reinstalled.  All Symantec products should recognize each other and cooperate;

2) If one sets services to minimum using Norton Utilities 15 then runs a scan Norton Utilities 15 will delete its own registration and the Symantec Customer must re-register the product;

3) Norton Utilities 15 does not recognize Skype and any scans made with Norton Utilities 15 will delete all Skype conversation history.

Other than those issues Norton Utilities 15 works rather well.

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I would not recommend running a Norton Consumer product and an Enterprise Symantec product on the same system.

For Norton Utility Issues you should to post to the Norton Community.




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Cycletech - when you say you would not recommend running a Norton Consumer product and an Enterprise Symantec product, why is that so? 


Is it not a good idea to run Norton 360 or Norton Utilities along with Symantec WDE?  What could be the possible problems arising from this?  I'm about to use Norton Utilities to check my disks's health before I encrypt my disk with Symantec WDE - Are there any major forseeable problems that might arise?  Also, I currently use Norton 360 for antivirus and backup.  Would this interfere with Symantec WDE?


Thanks for you help!


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I am only speaking of SEP and Norton together. I do not know Norton utilities, you really should post Norton Utilities issues in the Norton forums.

There are experts there to help you.