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Symantec antivirus

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I have Program Scan engine but LiveUpdate does not work.

I click to update button but I get an error saying cannot download catalogue. However, this error message is clearly misleading because the server has NOT sent any packets anywhere!

There is no firewall software on the server W2K3

Any idea why the program is giving the wrong error message and why it won't even try to connect?

Level 6
Partner Accredited

Please see the exact error number, if u cannot see, make this settings and run Lu to see the error.

Start--> Control Panel-->Symantec LiveUpdate-->Double click it and make the error support Enhanced and Uncheck the Automatic Exit.

U can also make the changes in Time settings, for that plaese make the neccessary changes
C:\Program Files\Symantec\Liveupdate\Settings\it is read only so uncheck the read only and open with notepad--> Look for Internet TimeOut-->Change 45 to 600 in both the time settings, one is just below that.

Run the LIveupdate again.

Level 4
also you can increase the timeout time to more (i.e. 450000) for better result. That will work you can try.

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Any update on the issue???