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Partition magic causes BSOD

hello every one after installing partition magic on my vista laptop , i got  a blue screen with this error  STOP: 0x0000006B (0xC000003A, 0x0000002, 0x0000000, 0x0000000) so i  hope that you help me quickly please

backdoor trojans horses, tidservs

recently my computer was infected with backdoor trojans & trojan horses. ive been getting the bsod & when i can get past he bsod & get online, my google searchs get redirected so bad i give up & wont even use it. Also i cant open my C drive. i keep ...

hookaloo by Not applicable
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Resolved! Symantec Antivirus

Hello I have a user that everytime she bootys up her computer a pop up in the system tray comes up and says symantec disbaled, but when I look at it, it does not look disabled. What do I do here?Sy

Resolved! symantec

I have a user that has symantec norton utlities she did a update, and now her process is running at 100% utilization is there anything I can do I am not on location?

which symantec solution is made for which domain?

Hi gentleman; i am one of the fan of symantec solutions; it will be great if user like me will get the details 1) about various symantec product; and the area where they can be implemented 2) best feature/technology of symantec solution compared to...

Packed.Generic.200 and Spyware Protect 2009 - PLEASE HELP

OK, here is the deal. Yesterday while troubleshooting something with Apple (iTunes), I was instructed to disable my Norton 360. When I enabled Norton, I noticed something "funny" about my computer performance. Next Spyware Protect 2009 popped up, and...

BigDogBK by Not applicable
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Hey, I have a small question... Today I did a comprehensive check for virus' and other threats on my computer. I decided to randomly look at what it's scanning and it said that it was searching stuff like Trojan.dls EliteKeyTracker.fjha and other th...

Symantec Technical Assistanse Partner Program

Hi, Does anyone know where I can find more information about the TAPP program? We (my company) are going to be in TAPP and  we have some questions regarding the procedures... I need information like "Where we can validate that a customer has a valid...

nia by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Some Quizzes should be introduced

I think some quizzes should be introduced in order to make this community interesting This will help people getting some knowledge Think abt this Administrator thx

I'm in search of information from Symantec

Hi, I represent a FIRST Robotics team interested in contacting a local Symantec  representative to ask a few questions and if they would be interested in sponsoring a high school robotics team. And Symantec is a great sponsor choice due to its devoti...


Can anyone please tell me how i can change my current E-mail address of symantec Connect actually my current E-mail address is hacked & giving some problem so i want to replace that with newer one So How can i??

G_70508 by Level 4
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Resolved! Members giving frequent bad advice?

Thinking in the abstract here - not attacking anyone in particular. Today I got to thinking - is there any process to deal with forum members who repeatedly give bad or unhelpful advice? I know there's the voting ability on posts, so it would be eas...

MitchR by Level 6
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Norton Internet Security forum - where is it?

Brief summary - Purchased a new laptop (OS is Vista) with a trial edition of Norton Internet Security 2009 installed.  Not going well.  Keep getting the "Unable to connect to the Norton LiveUpdate Server" message when trying to run LiveUpdate.  Have ...

drupert by Not applicable
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Resolved! #Altiris IRC

Can someone please let me know the altiris irc server/channel(s). Many thanks

AdrianC by Level 2
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Resolved! I want to get email notifications

Just after the switch to those new forums i was able to get email notifications (though those were with the wrong links in them). But for ~3 weeks i'm not getting any email notification. Dont know where to post that question exactly. What can i do ab...

wroot by Level 3
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Phishing report

I'm getting reports from customers that indicate that symantec Norton is reporting our web site as a known fraudulent page, what is the procedure to obtain the information by which this report is being generated in order to start the process to remov...

VictorV by Not applicable
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