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update mysupport portal is annoying

Level 6
Partner Accredited

Hi Symantec

My support portal looks great at first glance, but to my personal experience i couldn't explore it more than just CREATING cases. Portal doesn't allows to manage those cases. Check the attached snapshot where everytime i'm stuck at. There are no guidelines found beside under document sections (appreciate if same is populated)

Couldn't get why do we need to fill up form again and requires to select type of issue we are having UNDER MANAGE CASE???

Can anyone help me getting rid of this. I use mysupport most of time for creating and updating cases and even to refer past case 



Level 3

I also kept getting prompted to fill out this "one-time" registration form EVERY time I tried entering Manage Case.  Someone at Symantec had to reset my account to correct this issue so you'll need to give them a call.

Afterwards, at least on my account, I noticed that my Manage Case dialogue box showed 5000 contacts which is obviously wrong.  If you should see this, you'll need to again give tech support a call and tell them that they need to link your e-mail address to your Account Name.  I was good to go after this was done.  Hope this helps.

Level 6
Partner Accredited

Got it addressed. Simply call Customer Support and ask them to help. It was just few clicks and it worked ..... It's amazing portal to track ... even helps in keeping all mail communications / voicemail ....