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Information Map End of Support for NetBackup 7.5

As our NetBackup customers continue to upgrade their Master Servers to more recent OS versions, our Information Map Agent needs to follow suit with the NBU binaries we ship with.

During the week of June 19th, we will introduce Information Map Agent, version This agent release will be ending support for NetBackup Master Servers running 7.5 and Appliances running 2.5. Minimum support will start from 7.6 and 2.6. Note that it is the version of the Master Server that matters for Information Map. If you have a Master at 7.6 or higher, but media servers or clients on 7.5 (or lower) then you will be in an Information Map supported configuration. 

What if I have 7.5 Masters currently connected to Information Map?

The preferred way to maintain visibility to information being visualised from a 7.5 Master Server is to upgrade it to a more recent version of NetBackup OS, ideally 8.0 to leverage the benefit of improved performance, functionality and security.

If you are unable to upgrade to a higher version of NetBackup, customers will need to check on the update method for any Information Map Agent connecting to a 7.5 Master Server. Any agent set to 'auto update' will need to be changed to ‘manual update’.  If this configuration change is not completed before 19th June 2017, when the next Information Map Agent will be released, then you will not be supported and any data from the Master Server running 7.5 will not be visible.

For more information on how to manage the Information Map Agent settings, including how to switch from auto update to manual update mode can be found here. If you need specific help outside of this document then our Customer Support team will be happy to assist you.