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Information Map
Reduce risk. Reduce cost. Simplify and automate the control of unstructured data. Achieve compliance and limit liability by gaining control of critical business processes including retention, eDiscovery, and risk management.

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Resolved! Can't get to localhost to register InfoMap

I'm setting up Information Map on a second client for my company's alternate DC. Months ago, I had worked with Veritas support to set it up on a client at our main DC. I'm hitting the same roadblock. I can't get to localhost to register. Last time, o...

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Resolved! How to reset a password in InfoMap

Hello,We're new to InfoMap. I set up  accounts for my teammates. One of them lost her email with the account/password info. Is there a way to reset/resend her account info/password without deleting her account and then recreating it?Thanks

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Resolved! IM Licensing

Hi all,I'd like to know how is the data stored in the Cloud and analyzed by IM accounted for when we estimate the TB to be licensed.In other words, do we need to figure out the TB of data in the Cloud in addition to the NetBackup Policies IM supports...

Scripts for taking action on Information Map data sets

Information Map enables you to take action on the data sets you identify via the 'export' to CSV funtionality and then executing a script against the exported file set. This post is a placeholder for sharing sample scripts. Upload any scripts as repl...

User Experience for Information Map

Another introduction... I'm Kevin Fitzsimons and I work in the User Experience (UX) team at Veritas, primarily on Information Map.The UX team is heavily focussed on continuous improvement of the Information Map user experience, as well as designing f...

What engineering did in the June maintenance weekend

Hi All,I thought I would pop a quick message on here about what has happened over the weekend of June 17-18. We sent out the standard notification to our customers that InfoMap would not be available over the weekend for some scheduled maintenance, b...

Information Map End of Support for NetBackup 7.5

As our NetBackup customers continue to upgrade their Master Servers to more recent OS versions, our Information Map Agent needs to follow suit with the NBU binaries we ship with. During the week of June 19th, we will introduce Information Map Agent, ...

Welcome from the engineers

Hi,I thought I would drop a quick message in this forum to introduce myself and join Darren_Locke in welcoming everyone to the community. My name is Adam and I one of the devops engineers looking after the systems and processes that go into running a...

NEW FEATURE: Item Type Customization

In my previous post I detailed the new Item Type Exploration capability. The complimentary capability to that is Item Type Customization – the ability to make changes to the extensions that make up the default Item Type Groups or the ability to creat...

NEW FEATURE: Item Type Exploration

Ever since we launched Information Map you have been able to analyse your data sources by groupings of extensions – Item Type Groups. 22 Item Type Groups are supplied which aggregate more than 8,000 well know extensions in to these groups. So, if you...

Welcome to the Information Map community

I'm pleased to open up the VOX community for Information Map. Use this community to discuss anything related to Information Map whether that be features, use cases, enahncement requests, best practises, hints & tips, anything.... Personally I'd be ve...