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Be a change maker

What is one thing that Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, a virologist who helped develop Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, and Michelle Obama, attorney and wife of President Barack Obama have in common? They are all changemakers who have been passionate about making changes to benefit our communities and our world.

As we celebrate Black History month, we recognize the notable achievements of black changemakers who have altered the course of history. Last month, a new President of the United States was sworn in, and we celebrated a remarkable change maker as Kamala Harris became the United States' 49th Vice President.

Harris' election to Vice President breaks history as the United States' first female vice president, the highest-ranking female official in U.S. history, the first African American, and the first Asian American to hold this office position. Madam Vice President Harris shows us how crucial championing change is to make this world a better place.

Despite the numerous challenges she faced, Vice President Harris has not backed down from fighting to build a better society. Harris went to Howard University, where she joined the first African American sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., of which I am also a proud member. She later went on to be the first black District Attorney of San Francisco, and following this, Harris became the first black Attorney General of California. Her perseverance and desire to change the system from within include, but are not limited to, advocacy for black women's issues and criminal justice reform. As the newly elected Vice President, she has also paved a path for young girls and women of color to envision change and be the change maker. As Vice President Harris recently quoted, "Dream with ambition and lead with conviction and see yourself as others may not."

Everyone can follow Vice President Harris' example of being a change maker and fighting to make a difference. Whether on a personal level or in a group, whether it is advocating for social justice, organizing volunteer service days, or raising funds to support favorite causes, we can all be changemakers.

At Veritas Technologies, members of BLEVE (Black Employees at Veritas Empowered) have committed to being changemakers, and we proudly do so by promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives within the Veritas community. As we celebrate Black History Month, for not just one month but every day, I challenge you to be the change!