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Celebrating #WomenInTech at Veritas Technologies with Jamie Doherty

Level 6


At Veritas Technologies, we strive to attract and engage diverse, talented individuals to contribute to company growth—realizing progress is not only a matter of business development, but one of humanity. Diversity includes all the ways people differ, encompassing the distinctive characteristics that make one individual or group different from another.

In our ongoing #BalanceForBetter campaign—launched on International Women’s Day on March 8—we’re showcasing #WomenInTech on #TeamVtas who exemplify this standard of awareness and dedication to progress.

Please meet Veritas’ Jamie Doherty, representing the company’s Campaign Marketing team; while just six months into her role at Veritas, Jamie is already known among her colleagues for her clear dedication to producing compelling campaigns that command notable results. "She demonstrates admirable accountability and drive as a creative partner," noted one member of #TeamVtas of Jamie's work—I could not agree more.

What does #BalanceForBetter mean to you personally and professionally?

[Jamie Doherty]: For me it means balancing work, family life, and spiritual care so you can be your best you. It’s important to me to balance the time spent at work, with family and friends, as well as finding that time for myself to work out—to take a deep breath and get inspired. Balancing these three things helps me be the best version of me. 

What made you choose a career in technology?

[Jamie Doherty]: I started my technology career at At the time the excitement for me was around what the technology did—helping people change their lives by finding the right role; from the candidate side, seeking positions they could be passionate about, and for employers, helping them identify top talent.

My shift to enterprise and mid-market data protection and storage was inspired by an amazing woman—a colleague—at Monster. She had moved on to EMC, and needed someone to run campaigns, events, and social media. I got the call and haven’t looked back. 

What advice would you give to those trying to secure their first role in the technology sector?

[Jamie Doherty]: Don’t be afraid of technology. I came from an advertising and marketing background, and while I was the expert in the marketing strategy and execution, I by no means understood the products right away—especially in the enterprise space. It felt intimidating at first, but now has been one of the most rewarding and best decisions of my life. You will learn it enough to be successful in your role. You got this!

Why do you think there aren’t more women working in technology fields?

[Jamie Doherty]: I’m not really sure as I never thought about it or experienced being the lone female. Fortunately, the marketing teams within the technology companies I have worked for have had a healthy balance of very talented men and women. 

What has been your career highlight to date?

[Jamie Doherty]: There are so many campaigns, events, and programs I am proud of. The team’s I have worked with have been incredible and have produced some amazing marketing. If I had to pick one, I would say it was my first EMC World.

EMC World was the marketing Super Bowl at EMC. In my first year attending, the division was challenged to come up with a unique super hero that would be the backdrop for our booth and activities at the event. There was an iPad at stake for the top stories, and my Captain Data Center was one of the 5 super heroes selected.

I was tasked with compiling the entire character story. Ultimately, Captain Data Center was the head of the Global League of Storage. At the event we had 5 super heroes taking pictures with the crowd, sharing super hero trading cards and t-shirts, and making live visits at the keynotes.  After the event, we continued to use the Global League of Storage in marketing for the next year, with special appearances at events, internal marketing, including videos, and even a customer reference comic book series which you can check out here.

To this day the Captain Data Center poster still hangs in my home office, and I got to add “costume designer” and “super hero handler” to my resume.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Veritas Technologies?

[Jamie Doherty]: I’m only six months in to my role here, but there are two major factors in why I love being at Veritas. The first is the opportunities. There are many new members to our marketing organization, and each brings something incredible to the figurative table. I am so excited Michelle Scardino brought me in as part of her leadership staff to take campaign marketing for our amazing products to the next level. By the end of this year, my expectation is that you will hear a whole new career-high story. 

Secondly, it is the people—there is some amazing talent here at Veritas. I’m excited every day to be surrounded by that talent; my co-workers push me every day to new levels, and it’s exciting to see the positive changes and amazing work we are doing together.

Who are your role models and influencers?

[Jamie Doherty]: I have to be honest and say I’m super influenced by the people in my every day life.  My best friends, my significant other, my co-workers and my family all have these amazing strengths and inner beauty. They might not always see it in themselves, but I do. Their stories, whether they realize it or not, make me try harder and strive again to be my best me. 

As far as role models go I look at the women in my family who came before me. My great Aunt Ann (who I got my middle name from but never met) took off by herself in the mid 30’s to take her dancing career across the country from Boston to New York to San Antonio to Vegas—yes in the 40’s mob days—to Vancouver and eventually California.  She was not afraid to chase after her dreams on her terms and had no qualms about jumping in her car and driving by herself to destinations unknown to make her dreams come true. 

Her sister, Mary, my Boston-based grandmother, was more grounded, but she did not take any you know what from anyone. She was a super strong woman, raising children by herself while my grandfather was off in a submarine during World War II. She was always a career woman, which was not really heard of in that time. My grandmother made her own path and was pretty much, excuse my French, a bad ass. I only had her in my life a short time, but remember the amazing, strong woman she was.

The biggest role model in life—because she has been there through thick and thin—is my mom.  My mother is the most selfless person I know. She would give the shirt off of her back for her daughters and granddaughter. My entire life she has been there to push me to be the best person I can be, reach for my goals, and stay strong when things get rough. I’ve been referred to as her mini-me in personality, the way I handle people/situations and giving nature. And really, that is the biggest and best compliment I’ve received.