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Women Transforming the Future of Tech at Veritas - Nancy Peng

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ecai912_2-1675098200320.jpegHow long have you been with Veritas? 

I have been with Veritas for 10 years. 

Describe your current role and responsibility/responsibilities at Veritas. 

Currently, I am working on the Veritas NetBackup Flex Scale product. I lead the deduplication testing team and the testing for each new release. My role is very dynamic because it includes coordinating communications cross different development and testing teams as well as planning hardware and software resources, resolve critical deployment issues, and people resource planning. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in technology? 

I learned that I am good at thinking logically. I chose to study and pursue computer science and technology in university and that helped me develop the technical skills I needed to succeed in this field. I started as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer, specializing in testing. I discovered my passion for technology because I enjoy the complexity and challenges it brings me; it pushes me to continue learning each day. 

What keeps you at Veritas? What is your favorite aspect of the company? 

Veritas has provided me many growth and learning opportunities. As stated previously, I started as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and was promoted to the Senior Principal Software Quality Assurance Engineer role shortly after. I’ve learned a lot through this journey, including how to lead a team to successfully deliver a product or enhance and create impactful product features. Additionally, I love that Veritas has a great culture and work environment. Veritas is a place where people can grow within the company professionally and personally.  

Your role transforms the future of solutions and products at Veritas. Can you tell us about a project that you’ve worked on that you found most rewarding? 

I have many years of experience working in the field of deduplication and testing, therefore, if I were to choose a product that I am most proud of, it would be my experience working with NetBackup Flex Scale. This is the first time Veritas provided scaling out of a product. Our engineers worked extremely hard, with excellent cross-functional collaboration and execution. The product delivery was a remarkable success. The entire deduplication testing team was new to working together but we were able to efficiently resolve many software and hardware issues. The testing team continually supports iterations of the NetBackup releases. I am delighted to see that I’ve made an impact, contributing to a new company product. Moreover, the NetBackup Flex Scale product had great customer adoption, opening up new markets and opportunities for the company. 

What are your thoughts and/or feelings about being a woman in the tech industry? 

It is important to believe in your own abilities and potential. As a female, we have our own strengths working in technical fields. We have a terrific opportunity to make an impact through our contributions. I am happy to see that more women are now studying in the STEM field. As women, we bring a unique perspective to the field of technology. 

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