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Expanded Classification for Archived Data with Enterprise Vault 12.2


Enterprise Vault 12.2 will be generally available August 7th 2017.  This release adds powerful, extremely accurate classification with default policies, business intelligence integration, new content sources and expanded records management capabilities.

This is a key release for Enterprise Vault that aligns with our core Veritas strategies of unlocking Truth in Information and leveraging the “Multi-cloud”. 

The following is a summary of key enhancements in EV12.2:

Expanded Classification Capabilities with Default Policies

The most significant improvement in Enterprise Vault 12.2 the adoption of the Integrated Classification Engine - the same engine used in Data Insight 6.0 - delivering faster performance and extremely accurate classification.  Easy to implement with over 50 default policies and 100 patterns to ensure customers have broad coverage against current and emerging regulations.

 Classification PoliciesClassification Policies

The Integrated Classification Engine is key addressing new data privacy regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, A-130 for U.S. Federal agencies and KVKK in Turkey.   Items which trigger classification policies are tagged to accelerate discovery and end-user searches. Supervision teams can build review sets by leveraging classification to determine which content to include and exclude.  Customers can also clean up their existing archives by using classification to assign a different retention category or discard content - reducing storage costs and risk.

 Leverage the Multi-Cloud

Customers who want to minimize storage costs now have several options to take advantage of less expensive cloud storage:

  1. Secondary Storage Migrators – Enterprise Vault 12.2 expands options for secondary storage migration, adding support for Microsoft Azure Blob (Hot/Cool), Amazon (S3 IA), Google (Nearline, Coldline, Regional and Multi-regional) and IBM Cloud Object Storage. Customers leverage their existing on-premises implementation but gain cost savings by moving content to the cloud as it ages.    
  2. IaaS deployments - Enterprise Vault is fully supported when deployed and run in Azure, Amazon, Google and IBM cloud.
  3. Hosted Enterprise Vault – bluesource, a Veritas partner, provides a hosted Enterprise Vault solution called EV247 with proactive maintenance and management. This solution is also FedRAMP authorized making it suitable for Federal Agencies that want to move their archive to the cloud. bluesource will even migrate your existing content to the new cloud implementation.

Expanded Content Sources.

Communications become more fragmented every year. To deliver on requirements from Legal, Compliance and Records Managers, our customers must ensure capture of all critical content sources. With Enterprise Instant Messaging emerging as a critical new data source, Enterprise Vault 12.2 introduces native support for Skype for Business. This solution captures all Peer to Peer messages and Group chats.  Enterprise Vault also has a large group of certified partners now capturing 80 different content sources, including Bloomberg, Symphony, SMS Text and most Social Media and Instant Messaging sources.

Leveraging the Archive for Business Intelligence

Data Scientists are becoming an essential part of many organizations as they derive insight from structured and unstructured data. Enterprise Vault customers are sitting on a goldmine of communication data in their archive that can provide great insight, especially when combined with other data sets. For example, sales managers can monitor large deals by analyzing archived communications metadata. Similarly, insider threats can be uncovered by merging Trading Database content with archive metadata.   Enterprise Vault 12.2 provides a Business Intelligence Connector to extract metadata from the archive and has a focused partnership with TrustSphere a leading provider of Relationship Analytics.

 Retention Management Enhacements

 While automatic classification is critical to data governance, end-user input can improve accuracy and detection. End-users can review the retention applied to their content and easily make changes via new Retention Folders by simply dragging an item into a Retention Folder with a preset retention category. Retention Categories can also be updated within Enterprise Vault Search by simply right-clicking on an item. This allows an end-user to do a final check to update the retention and record type applied to an item via default settings or by automatic classification. This capability is important for our U.S. Federal customers as it completes our “Capstone” Records Management approach as recommended by the National Archives for records management.

 Even though Enterprise 12.2 contains a long list of new capabilities that solve critical use cases for many of our customers. For more information, visit the Upgrade to Enterprise Vault 12 page on, and look for additional VOX posts that focus on specific features in the coming weeks.