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Streamlining Data Services to Ensure that All of Your Data is Protected

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Cyberattacks occur every 19 seconds. A growing number of diverse applications. Diverse hybrid architectures. Gaps in IT resiliency plans. These challenges have prompted today’s customers to repeatedly ask “How do I protect everything in my infrastructure?”

Tune in to the Voice of Veritas podcast, “Streaming Data Services to Ensure that All of Your Data is Protected,” and hear how Mark Salmon, Sr. Principal Product Manager; and Rich Rose, Sr. Distinguished Architect, describe how the Veritas NetBackup IT Analytics platform helps address these data service issues.  

NetBackup IT Analytics helps you solve operational inefficiencies by providing visibility and applying trend analysis to all of your data, across all backup products. With streamlined data services, NetBackup IT Analytics helps mitigate risk. Through a single pane of glass, you get a consolidated view of your backup assets to:

  • Meet SLAs
  • Ensure backup success and compliance
  • Achieve accurate capacity planning
  • Enhance performance
  • Identify gaps and reduce risks for data protection
  • Pinpoint the sweet spot for assets
  • Prevent downtime from ransomware attacks

Listen to the podcast here.