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Veritas APTARE IT Analytics provides clarity in the backup environment

Data centers and their corresponding data protection environments are in a constant state of evolution, growing more complex year over year. IT infrastructure managers are doing everything they can to keep costs from soaring while maintaining rigid compliance standards—even as data requirements become harder to maintain. Clearly, it’s time for a better solution for data management—something to help infrastructure managers regain control of their full IT infrastructure.

Back in March, Veritas announced the acquisition of longtime partner and global leader in analytic solutions for hybrid cloud environments, APTARE. As the industry’s leading open and extensible IT analytics platform, APTARE supports hybrid cloud storage and backup systems, as well as OpenStack, software-defined storage, and flash infrastructures, all within a single dashboard.

Veritas APTARE IT Analytics provides the answer to the most common problem plaguing IT over the last 15 years: how to handle rapid, exponential data growth. By using data collections from over 30,000 IT metrics, users gain visibility into their full environment, instantly revealing insight-packed correlations of vast quantities of data. The insights afforded by this correlation can be used to improve storage utilization, resiliency, and backup performance, just to name a few.


APTARE offers unprecedented IT clarity

One of the products available in the Veritas APTARE IT Analytics product suite, the Backup Manager allows unprecedented access to the backup environment and is vendor-agnostic, meaning it operates on any backup technology, full stop. You can find a list of all the supported backup environments here. In fact, the Backup Manager has been routinely integrated with Veritas’ NetBackup since long before the acquisition. The Backup Manager’s versatility is the key to its success, ensuring that every part of the backup environment is visible and reported.

With Veritas APTARE IT Analytics, users can easily view all backups, whether they were totally successful, only partial, or even complete failures. Using this full backup visibility, the Backup Manager reveals key insights into the backup environment, allowing for discovery of unprotected data and identification of suspect backups. The insights provided by the Backup Manager can assist administrators with the simplification of the backup environment, ensuring that each backup protects what it should, and with improved backup reliability, compliance audits become much easier to handle, a factor that has only increased in importance and will continue to do so. Enhanced visibility often provides fast ROI, like in the case of one of our clients who reclaimed $1.9M by identifying overprotected test servers.


Over the last couple of years, compliance regulations have become far more stringent. Audits now require detailed metrics on data protection, which has become something of a challenge, as locating provable backup success rates can be difficult and time-consuming. The Backup Manager provides these metrics with ease, allowing for the quick and easy generation of all necessary reports across all your backup products. As compliance regulations continue to develop and become more specific, Veritas APTARE IT Analytics users will be able to remain a step ahead.

This level of visibility is now available to NetBackup users, enabling new insights and enhancing preparation for compliance audits, all within one powerful dashboard. IT will further NetBackup’s ability to provide users with the ability to reduce administration while still scaling with growth. No matter the size or complexity of your backup environment, Veritas APTARE IT Analytics delivers all the insights needed to manage your backup environment more proactively.

If you are interested in learning more about Veritas APTARE IT Analytics, contact your local sales representative or visit and request a demo.