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How Do I Configure Dual-Host HA for NetBackup Appliance?

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I have two backup appliances, but how do I achieve HA HA configuration with two hosts?


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unless you have two 53x0 you can not cluster two netbackup appliances

I have two 5250 servers, how do I configure the HA configuration operation of the 5250?

Hi @caizhixi 

If the appliances are Flex appliances see if you can run FlexOS 4.0 on them and then investigate HA for the master server instance. You will need to do some research.

Otherwise if you duplicate backups from one to the other via SLP, this will provide some HA protection if one of the appliances is down. There is no auto failover in this situation and it may require SLP adjustments if one of the appliances is unavailable for a period of time. 

If none of the above are what you are after, explain what you want/mean by HA in your context.