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Want to add synology NAS Box in our netbackup

Level 1

1. Veritas NetBackup Appliance 5250 is configured as master server .
2. client’s data are backing up into Appliance disks with appropriate schedule.
3. We are having one Synology NAS Station with us ; we want to configure this device in our backup setup .
4. Reason : Instead of backing up all data to the appliance disks . Few of the backups needs to be store in external storage destination ( Synology NAS ) . Same should be restorable in case of any data failure in client’s end .

Whether configuring the Synology Nas in appliance is possible or not . whether NetBackup support Synology Nas or not .


Level 5

You can add NAS to Netbackup (via Iscsi) and then you can configure that as MSDP,Advanced Disk.
for appliance, since the OS is completely configured and maintained by Veritas, even if you are able to add it via Iscsi, I recommend you to ask Veritas to check if you should do that or no.
worse case schenario, you can create a media server (VM ) and present the NAS via Iscsi to that Media server.

Hi @sakthi5 

As @kiyan indicates it can be done either via iSCSI or NFS. However doing either is not supported on the Veritas NetBackup appliances. It is possible attaching via iSCSI may break the upgrade process - as the appliance OS is tightly controlled (and the end user is discouraged from access the OS command line). 

If you ask Veritas, they will tell you it is not supported and don't do it. 

The best option is again as @kiyan says to create your own media server and attached the NAS device to that. 

Finally as an aside, it is better IMHO, not to add storage devices to the master/primary server. It complicates hardware/server replacements down the track. It is supported, and for small environments needs to be done from a cost perspective, but if you are able try to avoid it.