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disable WAN Optimization due to kernel panic

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we upgraded our appliances, a collection of 5230/5240s, just about 1 month ago.  since that time, we have had 3 appliances hang at a kernel panic, randomly.  support has thus far found no root cause.  they made some tuning suggesitons, which we had already implemented months prior, but other than that, they are straining at gnats.. some firmware 1 rev out of date, etc...   but we are starting to hear rumblings about possibly needing to turn off WAN Optimization due to supposed problems causing kernel panic.  Apparently it manifested itself 'rarely' with 2.7.3...however, we never experienced any such issues while on 2.7.3 (and we ran that for a very long time).  Anyone else hear of any such issue with WANOPT?  when i read the list of 'benefits' it sounds like a feature we would not want to disable.  we do a hefty amount of AIR between 2 large sites.


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we had same issue(Kernal Panic)on one of our 5240 appliances(3.1.1). Support was not able to find anything from the logs. They are suspecting it could be with WAN Optimization. I am not sure we need to disable WAN optimization. I dont have a good document explaining what is WAN Optimization for Netbackup and does it do. We have Netbackup AIR configured between sites. so not sure if we disable WAN optimization, it impacts or not? Any guidance would be appreciated.

this is the laundry list of wondrous things WANOPT was supposed to do, so its difficult to understand why disabling it is a good thing;

but in conversation with our BCE, I was told that that software is '3rd party' hmm.... i guess the Veritas isn't going to use the assimilate approach like its previous owner?  dunno.  

at any rate, i have disabled it on 2 of the 3 appliances where we ran into the kernel panic issue.  thus far no more incidents..but it took about 30 days to happen last go round, so maybe too early to claim band-aid successfully applied.

i also got a call from a TSE working one of my open cases.  He advised me that an issue has been identified in the wild (that's us folks) and an EEB will be forthcoming.

Thanks for the details.. Then lets wait for EEB. Until then i am not going disable WAN Optimization.

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Quick side-note : You actually HAVE to have WAN Optimization enabled if you're upgrading from v3.1 to v3.1.1, otherwise you'll probably fail the upgrade. =)

Support is basically recommending you disable WAN Optimization normally, enable it for the upgrade process, then disable it again immediately post-upgrade so you don't end up with these random panics.