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APTARE Consumption Reporting for NBU Accelerator-enabled Policies

Level 3

We Use NBU 812 and 82 as well as APTARE reporting. We also use quite a few Acclereator enabled policies. 

With NBU accelereator, all increnmetnal jobs are reported as a full:

Thus, when APTARE picks up this data for consumption, it completely skews the data - since its picking up every incr. as a full image size... And while APTARE certainly has the accelereator bytes sent filed that I can add to a job summary, the canned consumption report does not take this into considreation nor can you really modify it to add the accelreator bytes sent as the consumption... this it takes every job's incr size as the full and the consumption is way overblown because of the use of acclerator... 

What SHOULD be happening is a global option in NBU itself (under master server properites) to report Acclereator incrs as the incremtnal size / bytes transfered (nbu just converts the backup into what would be the actual incr size) thus APTARE or any other reporting tool does not have to care about it being Acclerator enabled or not) but this sadly does not exist, so you have to use the reporitng tool to covnert it for you....

So, for any other APTARE users out there, how have you delt with consumption for accelreator enabled policies? Anyone have a report they wouldn't mind sharing?