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Transition from OpsCenter Analytics 9 to IT Analytics

Level 1


We are currently using OpsCenter Analytics 9 and we have a tons of Custom Reports. I havent found any information about migrating/transition Reports or Custom Reports from OpsCenter Analytics to IT Analytics. 

We are planning on upgrading our NetBackup environment to to continue using OpsCenter Analytics custom reports but we are not sure if its possible to migrate all those custom reports to the IT Analytics tool.

Any information would be helpful


Level 6

There is a KB article for a basic FAQ related to Opscenter to ITA . But regarding migrating/transition, you should engage your account manager /Sales / BACM. They can engage the right resource who can help with report/custom reports and other items migrated to the new NBITA.

NetBackup OpsCenter last release and transition to NetBackup IT Analytics FAQ