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Assist with Netbackup Ctalog Backup Policy

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Hello Team,

After the Backup Catalog policy was configured and added the email that will receive the catalog package am not getting the catalog file on the email, is there any other configuration required on Netbackup master server except the backup catalog  policy? @Nicolai 



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the master server is windows or linux?

As your master is windows 2019 you have to configure blat as email client

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You will not get the files needed for catalog recovery via Email. Email usually have 10MB size limitation. What you will get via e-mail, is a catalog recovery file, that instruct Netbackup in case of a catalog recovery what files are required. The recovery files are essential for catalog recovery, so keep them in a safe place.

If you don't receive the Email, you might - depending on OS, have to set a sender id and sender domain. That is usually configured in the OS MTA (Mail transfer agent).