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Assit to master server catalog recovery on different target server

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We have NBU master server in vcs cluster ,we need to keep that master server as standalone without cluster .We will build new RHEL master server in production.
Existing master which is in cluster ,need to remove from cluster and need to keep as standalone just to browse old catalog.
Can some help it's feasible or not.
Current configuration as below:
Master server ver OS WIN 2012STDx64
VCS cluster Version -

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If you really need to do this, you have to contact Veritas Sales. This transformation is not supported and can be done only by Veritas professional services.
If you need the netbackup installation for historical purposes, it is not worth it.

Your best alternative is to install a Veritas cluster on the system, configure the cluster with only one node (one node cluster) , and restore the NetBackup database.

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Your current Master server is on Windows 2012 with Cluster and you want to setup new standalone master server on RHEL.

We need to buy veritas vendor support to do below any activity and they will do it with veritas tool  (for example... catman migration tool) (Its chargeable)

1st Cluster to non-cluster setup.

2nd Windows master to RHEL master.

We have alternate workaround but it will time consuming and I will not suggest in case you have large numbers of media servers (Setup)


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As stated above, there is no "user" method to converting a cluster master into a stand-alone master..  You could look to deploy a single node cluster to resolve this, but that is often an over-kill.  Do not be tempted to just move folders around and create links, this will break things and prevent any future upgrades from working!!!

If you want to do a clean transition, your options are the Catman Process that Veritas provide, or you can use our Tranzman solution, that can also be used to perform any split, merge, cluster transition, platform transition...

Hi @Kiran_r 

Just to add to everyone else, you also cannot convert from Windows master to RHEL master (whether clustered or not) without help from Veritas. So if you do decide to move to a single node cluster, the cluster will have to remain on Windows (version not critical). 


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you can migrate standalone windows server without much problem ,you can use catalog recovery