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Catalog Recovery from Flex Appliance to NetBackup Master

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Hi There,

I have some queries. My current setup for NetBackup is using Veritas Flex Appliance 5250. I want to do catalog recovery from Flex Appliance to new NetBackup Master Server, which is a RHEL Server. How should it work?

Because I tried few times already but failed.


I'm not very familiar with Flex filesystem path environment. So, might be the path is not exact with what it has stored in the Flex preventing the recovery to run smoothly.




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What is your netbackup version?

My netbackup version is I already aligned with the version for both master servers.

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In my opinion you have two options
Open a cases to support to assist you, as the existing tool does not support your version. Unless there is a new version that i am not aware of.
Try again your own. The problem here is that the build your own server and Flex Appliance Master servers have different paths.
If you recreate all flex paths and links then restore will work. But you really have to know what you are doing.

I think open a case first is the way to go.

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You would need to make sure the paths are aligned on the BYO server, 
The BYO also needs to have the same Hostname as the Flex Primary instance
You need to make sure you have recovered the DR package before trying to do the catalog restore, as this will put back required certificates etc...

What storage did you backup the catalog to?  

I often see  status 83 happen when media server/storage server is configured for multiple masters at the same time...  This can happen if you have TWO masters both connecting to the SAME MSDP using the SAME user/password..  This shouldn't be possible if you have configured the NEW master with the SAME hostname, and the media/storage server is resolving to the NEW Masters IP (as you can only have one machine on the network with that name at a time.   Make sure that the Media/Storage servers involved for this recovery are resolving the CORRECT Name to IP and  IP to Name for the NEW MASTER,  Also make sure that you restarted the  NBU services and PBX on the media/storage server.