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Citrix XenServer VMs Restore

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Hi All,

We are planning to configure Snapshot Backup for Citrix XenServer VMs. Since currently there is no Citrix API Integration with NetBackup like VMware we are going to setup off-host snapshot backup using alternate client (installing NBU Agent on both Alternate client and Guest VM). 

We are going to follow the white paper provided by citrix which has details about NetBackup configuration too. But i need to know about restore. Is it possible to perform a VM restore using this backup method?? 

Or it will be a same process that we follow for a physical windows restore ( Restoring OS Drive Restore + System State on a identical machine)?

Please guide me on this as there is nothing i can find out regarding restore process for Citrix VMs in admin guide, VOX. 

Please help. 

About My Enviorment: 

Master: 8.1.2 running on RHEL7

Media Server: 8.1.2 running on RHEL7

Client: Windows 2016 with NetBackup 8.1.2 installed

Citrix White paper: White-paper-citrix-xenserver-virtual-machine-backup 


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I am not a citrix expert, but in the indicated white paper it provides an offhost backup procedure that I have used on other platforms without major problems, which works very well. If citrix accepts this process, I recommend you to follow the white paper procedure, which is very detailed

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I am not VM expert, based on the white paper its nbu agent backup with MS-Windows policy type. It means the restore will be same as physical server recovery. You have to install the OS/Drivers/NBU agent to recover the system.

As per the SCL BMR do not support xen from 8.0 onwards.