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Database is not available

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Hello guys, could you help me?

When checking if the database was active, because I was not able to upload the services of the master, using the command nbdb_ping, I received the following message: Database [NBDB] is not available.

Which log file should I analyze?


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Hi there,

Can you try stopping all nbu services (including pbx)? Make sure all services are down by running bpps command.

Then start the services, and if nbemm is not coming up, run below command to check emm log:

vxlogview -o 111 -t 00:10:00 > D:\emm.log


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Windows or Linux?  NetBackup version?

The log file for the embedded SybaseASA relational database within NetBackup, which is what nbdb_ping tests, has a log file named "server.log" - but I cannot tell you where that is in your estate because you haven't specified your platform or version - so you'll have to search for the log file yourself.

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Is this issue related to your disk storage that is full?

Is your disk storage configured on the same volume where NBU is installed?

Hello, Linux platform. I found this article

Interpreting this article, the error appears in /usr/openv/db/log/server.log, but it looks like the errors in the /usr/openv/db/data/NBDB.log file.

Would NBDB.log then be verified?




Hello! =)

This is another problem.

Storage is configured on a separate disk.

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Can you please share your server.log? 

If you want to replace master server hostname with MASTER, it is fine to do so. 

Please copy the file to server.txt and upload the .txt file. 

Please also follow @VirgilDobos 's suggestion, output to emm.txt and upload here.