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Hard Disk Amber light

Level 3

Hi all, 

We had been having failed backup jobs every alternate date. We tried to reboot the NBU media server.

Today, we checked that all our 12 hard disks are showing amber light. Is this some hardware failure? 

In the master server, we can see these error codes:

2106: disk storage server is down and 2074 EMM status: Disk volume is down.


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hi @Amel2 

You should refer to the hardware manufacture manual. It very difficult to guess what a amber led means for a unknown storage array.  

To start debugging :

  • check the windows event log for status and error messages.
  • is the Netbackup location of the storage array accessible using Windows file explorer ?


Level 3

Hi Nicolai, 

The media server is running on Linux. 

We have ran the hardware test and it has passed. We dont have clue on where else to check for the logs. 

Level 4

@Amel2 when error 2106 Disk Storage Server is Down appears, which mean the core services of Dedupe having issues (There could be many reasons). I suggest you start looking at following things

1. Validate if all file systems that participate in Dedup Storage Server are online. If they are not, get it checked with your Linux admin.

2. You can review the spoold and spad logs. Find them at <dedup path>/log/

3. I am sure you must have raised a tech support case with Veritas. If not done already, raise a severity 1 case.