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How to backup folder from VM client

Level 3

Please, is there any way that the Netbackup can collect files or folders from a virtual machine client instead of the whole virtual machine.

Also, is the the NetBackup able to use a mount point with NFS protocol to collect files from a virtual machine client. If not, what about restore ?


Level 6

You could install the NB client.

Level 6
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If you don't want to backup entire VM with VM policy, you can install NBU client software and backup across the network like a 'regular' client. 

NetBackup uses TCP port 1556 between server and client for backup and restore.

If I install NBU client on VM, can I use VM policy as described in NetBackup for VMware Administrator's Guide Release 7.7.3 or should I use standard policy?



Standard for Linux client; MS-Windows for Windows.