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How to restore all changes from old Full ignoring new full

Level 5


We take Full every week and incremental daily(except full day) and retain all backups for 30 days. I have a situation, Full was taken on April 8th, April 15th, April 22nd..etc., .User need to restore April 15th full and all the changes happened after that to till date. I have restored the Full and paused how do I restore all changes from only April 15th Full.  From backup history If I select all backups from April 15th to till date, Will that work? I am assuming thatt it will restore latest full and all incrementals associated to latest Full. I want to ignore everything and restore only changes from April 15th full backup.

Netbackup version 7.7.3 on RHEL

Client: RHEL

Please let me know if you ahve any questions


Thank you,




Level 5

That is correct, if you shift select from April 15th to the date you need, it will restore April 15th full and any changes up to the date you selected.