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Import Images from a DiskPool

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I am new to VOX.

The reason I have come to you as I need some help regarding importing data(backup images) from "MSDP(Windows) in old backup domain" to "MSDP(NBU Appliance) in new backup domain".

Here is the plan I have..

1. In New Domain, create Storage Server with the same naming convention as used in Old Domain

2. From Admin Console, open up the Storage Server properties within the Credentials section. Input the path to the MSDP pool, ex: M:\Msdp. Also input the Spalogin and Spapassword. Next create a diskpool with the same name as the original using the NetBackup Disk Pool Wizard

3. Then Initiate Import(Phase1 import) on this DiskPool

4. From Catalog, initiate Phase2 import

What is your suggestion?


Thanks, Ezra.


Level 2

Environment Details:

Old Backup Domain:

Windows Server 2008 R2

MSDP (existing, active)


New Backup Domain:

NetBackup Appliance 5230

MSDP (new, yet to move to production)


Can someone help me with the steps to import images from old domain(Win MSDP) to new domain(appliance MSDP)




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Hopefully you have a new 5240, and not a 5230 (can no longer be purchased as from Dec 2016).

Is the plan to completely replace the Windows Master/media server with the Appliance as Master/Media server?

I cannot see how MSDP can be 'imported' from another master server or from the physical disk (there can only be one MSDP pool in NBU).

The only workable solution (IMHO) is to configure AIR between the 2 masters (Win master and Appliance Master), then use nbreplicate to replicate images from old MSDP to new MSDP.

If the Appliance is going to be a media server under existing Windows master, then you can use the migrate utility :

I hope this helps....