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Issue with 8.0 to 8.1 Upgrade - BPJOBD daemon via VNETD could not be established - Help!!

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Upgraded a VERY small site with one master server, no media servers, running on a Windows 2012 R2 site. During the upgrade, at the "Deploying server certificate" stage, it sat there for a good 10...15 mintues before it moved on. Eventually it did and at the end, got the error below. 

Now when I log into the console, it starts up, logs in, I can see all my policies but nothing is show in acivity monitor and reporting indicates jobs are not running. 

All other upgrades have had zero issues... so why this one site is I'm not sure.


Again, on install, sat here for a long time:



At the end of the upgrade, got this




Run the console, I get this 


Reporting idicates jobs fail with a 112 job ID failure.



Level 6

I know this is probably what you don't want to hear but this sounds like a good time to call with "Sev 1, Server Down"....not only because of the errors but if something is wrong with 8.1, they need to document it and try to fix it.

Perhaps, but this has no customer data, so its not super critical, however, we did upgrade numerous other 8.0 and huge 7.7.3 sites to 8.1 with zero issue. I have a case open, but Veritas, with their shiny new release, should chime in here.

I can 100% confirm the vault eject issue did not re-surface and the duplicate BIOS UUID issue is finally fixed.(Been an issue SINCE 7.7.3)

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Good to see that you have logged a support call.

Since this environment is the only one with this problem, logic says that there is something 'different' here.
Support staff have the time and tools to work with you to find the issue.

We have a couple of Veritas employees who visit here from time to time, but VOX is not their primary job (same as it is not yours and mine), so unless it has been logged already and therefore a 'known issue', Support is really the right way to go.

Please keep us updated!

Thankfully this was resolved a lot easier than I thought... I noticed that this server was also not communicating with our remote (to this site) OpsCenter Analytics server... so between when the upgrade occured from 8.0 to 8.1, for some reason, it was attempting to communicate out of the wrong NIC...I checked the binding order and it was correct, so why it attempted to start communicating out of another nic that was not configured after the upgrade from 8.0 to 8.1 is a bit odd, but, once we disabled the nic... all is well. Did not appear to be an NBU issue at all. Goofy issue but resolved :D