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MS-Windows or VMWare policy type

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Hi, people. We use a file server in Windows 2012, with 6 volumes of almost 1 TB. 

The backup is made by Netbacup 7.7.2 using a VMWare policy. In the past, we have had a problem (two times). The job didn´t reconigze the full backup, and then the Netbackup started a new full one. This Full job can take 3 or 4 days running, and then we became without backup of the file server, until this full jobs ends. To prevent this occurrencies, we are thinking in divide the job, one will  be vmware type, only with the system disk, and the other one will be MS-windows type, only to the data disks.

I ask what are the difference, the advantages or the best practices, involving this choice. Continue with the approach of one VMWare job of the entire VM, or divide in this two jobs.

Thanks in advance.




If you are going to be installing the NB client on the machine anyways I would go with MS-Windows all the way.  We only use the VMware backs when we want to avoid installing the NB client.

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You'd probably have a lot better through put if you did a VMware backup of the system disk. Then did an MS-Windows policy of the data disks with 'allow multiple data streams' enabled. This would allow all 6 volumes to be backed up at the same time instead of 1 by 1. Depending how it runs you could limit the number of jobs allowed to run for the policy down to 2 or 4 leaving the other jobs queued until the first volumes finished their backups.

Thanks, sclind.


Ok, krutons1...

I´ll continue using two jobs, as you are suggesting.

Thank you.

I´ll use the vmweare typu for the system disk, and ms-windows policy to the data disks.

Very thanks.

No Problem Kayser. When you use mutiple data streams, pay attention to the performance of the job. Letting all 7 volumes run at once might not be optimal for your environment and you might need to adjust the policy to only allow 3 or jobs at once for example.


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I recommend to take backup of big size user data using the MS-Windows policy.


If you are taking backup on pure disk then it will give accelerator option to speed up the backup.


You may get performance issue which can be resolved by VMware and Network team. 

Thanks & Regards