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Multiple backups on different Media Servers


I'm struggling with an issue I'd be grateful if I could have a hint.

I'm trying to back up some of my oracle servers on different media servers, as an offsite and onsite option.

I'm using media servers on different destinations using windows OS , and made storage units to assign to the policies.

I cannot use separate policies with different configurations ( different media servers ) since Netbackup acts funny. 

what is the best solution for me to have an offsite backup for a same client.

thank you in advance.

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Re: Multiple backups on different Media Servers


Your requirement looks a lot like this one :

What type of Storage Units do you have in your environment?

If you have supported STUs (tape or Dedupe disk (including OST) ), please read up in Admin Guide I about Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP).

Re: Multiple backups on different Media Servers

Hi @elahe89 

Further to @Marianne suggestion, in general NetBackup does NOT "act funny". It is normally quite well behaved. Can you explain what you mean - maybe you should first look to fix up the "funny" stuff first.


Re: Multiple backups on different Media Servers

You should listen to Marianne, and look into SLP.

1. Backup (to disk) - storage selected will determine media server and storage used (strongly recommend disk)
2. SLP automatically does copy to secondary destination - this will allow you to select alternate media server and storage - you can even change retentions.

Do NOT try to make two copies during backup unless you have extra resources, since it will perform as slow as the weakest link.

NetBackup on Solaris 11, writing to Data Domain 9800
duplicating via SLP to LTO5 in SL8500 via ACSLS
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