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[NETBACKUP 8.2] Restore physical server

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We have on one side VERITAS NETBACKUP 8.2 and on the other VERITAS SYSTEM RECOVERY 16 and 21.

We need to restore a physical server with a backup done by NETBACKUP (Policy Type : MS-Windows) however it's, apparently, an absolute nightmare :

On the other hand with VSR it's easy.


a) The article 100045797, indicates that the manipulations are done from the client, It is indeed not possible to select, on the Master side, the backup (System State + C:\ ) and to click on "restore everything to its original location" ?

b) In the restore options (NETBACKUP, master side) there is only the VHD (Hyper-V) option. There is no way to export to vmdk (VMware) or v2i (VSR)?

c) VSR 16 / 21 cannot communicate with Netbackup or it's media server to recover a backup and convert it?

d) On the NETBACKUP master, when exporting to vhd, do you have to select everything at once (C:\ ; D:\ ; System State) = one VHD ? or do you have to select one by one (C:\ to one vhd ; D:\ to one vhd ; system state to one vhd) = three VHD ? or do you have to select C:\ and system state together and D:\ to another vhd = two VHD ?

e) What is, please, the correct syntax for the choice "Create and restore to a new virtual hard disk file (VHD)" ?
E:\Recovery\ ?
E:\Recovery\<ServerName> ?
E:\Recovery\<ServerName>\ ?
... ?

f) I've try VHD option and at the start of the restoration i've few lign like that.
Source : Backup of <ServerName> from Master.
Destination : One of Media Server.

08:58:04 (44252.001) WRN - can't create file: E:\Recovery\<ServerName>\D.vdmnt\D\<filename> (WIN32 1005: Le volume ne contient pas de système de fichiers connu. Vérifiez si tous les pilotes de système de fichiers nécessaires sont chargés et si le volume n’est pas endommagé. )

A big thank you in advance for who can answer me.

Ps : For now our option, compared to our infra : is to transform our backup into VHD, transform the vhd into vmdk, create a new VMware VM, install VSR on the VM, make a backup, then restore this last backup (v2i files) on our physical server.


Level 3

up, please.
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