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MSDP Configuration failed with login credential issue

Level 1

We have NBU 8.2 clustered master server on windwos 2016

rhel 7.9 as new media server which we want to setup for MSDP with local 5tb storage

its been almost month i believe MSDP is not getting configured

We are getting error of "login credentials verification failed for server"

Name lookup are working fine shortname and fqdn between master and media

Basic and Advanced disk are getting configured and are working for backup and restore too

License are showing puredisk option and enterprise server (we have capacity license)

have tried following article but no help

Login credentials verification failed for server configuring NetBackup 5000 Appliance storage server...

Configuring MSDP on newly configured media server fails with error login credential verification fai...

MSDP storage server credentials verification failed during storage server creation (

Note: Ticket is already with core team now

We have even tried reinstalling OS (it is fresh deployment) but still not much of help.

Any suggestions