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Need to know folder backup size

Hello Everyone,

I want to know specific folder backup say " TEST folder" size prior starting restore. I have see netbackup can only give a file size but not entire folder or directory size. Any walk-around?

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Re: Need to know folder backup size

Depends on how the backup was done and if you have Opscenter Analytics.

If the job was multistreamed with several backup selections each having a their own stream and this folder was one of those streams, you could look at the backup job size in OpsCenter depending on how old the backup was.


Re: Need to know folder backup size

There is no direct way to find the folder size, unless you find a way to list all the files inside the folder and calculate the total size of all files , may be using script for the command bplist.

there was a Idea submitted years ago( when netbackup was Syamtec Netbackup), it never took off..