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Veritas Backup Exec and Hyper-V VM's

Level 3

Hi all,

I hope someone can help me clarify this.

I have a Hyper-V hosts with several VM's on it. I am backing them all up using Veritas Backup Exec v22. What I am unsure of is the correct way to sele/deselect vhdx files to a) ensure a proper backup that can be used to restore the VM; b) avoid duplicating very large amount of data.

My VM <xxxx03> has 2 HDD's definined (hence 2 hhdx files). Within the VM I have disks C: and D: defined using their separate vhdx files.

When I select my VM to be backed up under Microsoft Hyper-V -> Virtual Machines, it shows me both vhdx files. LEt's say I want top backup the entire VM and both disks. I suspect I check all the boxes here. So far, all clear.

But then I realise that both these vhdx files (and some extra) are also shown under my Hyper-V host itself (drive E:). So, do I also need to check all everything in here? Or will it double the size of the backup?





If you want to backup HyperVM, you should only select the VM under "Microsoft Hyper-V".

Level 3

Thank you for your reply.

So, selecting the vhdx file on the host itself is just pointless and will double the backup size?