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Netbackup 5.1MP3 to Netbackup 6.5

Level 2
How difficult is it to migrate from Netbackup 5.1MP3 to Netbackup 6.5?
Bob V

Level 6
you will probably have to do an upgrade to 6.0 MP4 first. But I don't know for certain.

Level 6
I was just at 5.1MP3.  I upgraded to 5.1MP6 because I want to get to 6.x.  While looking into the process of upgrading to the 6.x environment I found a pdf...which sadly, I took off from work early today or I would send you the link.  I will post it here...that discussed what is required to get to the current level.  Also, while verifying some information with symantec, I was told I needed to be at 5.1MP6 before I could go to 6.x.  As far as once at MP6, if you can jump right to 6.5, I am not sure.  Might have to do what Bob said.  Again, I would reference the pdf on upgrading to the 6.0 environment.  I found it by doing a search on the KB.  Might see if you can find it.  Plenty of things to consider especially since there are some major changes.
I know this didn't give you a definitive answer to your question, but maybe something to think about.

Level 6
From 6.5 Install Guide (not GA yet)

Requirements for upgrades to NetBackup 6.5
NetBackup version 6.5 includes many new features. Some new upgrade
requirements have been put in place to make your transition to this version of
NetBackup easier.
The following describes the requirements for NetBackup server upgrades:
■ Always back up your NetBackup databases before upgrading NetBackup
software on the master server.
■ You can upgrade to NetBackup 6.5 only if you have one of the following
versions currently installed:
■ Version 6.0
The procedure for upgrading from 6.0 to 6.5 is included in this
installation guide.
■ Version 5.0MP4 (or later) or version 5.1
Before you can upgrade from these earlier versions, you must first
prepare your current NetBackup environment for an upgrade to
version 6.5.

Though it is recommended to be on the highest MP level but it is not necessary to upgrade from 5.1 MPx to 5.1 MP6 or any other higher MP release if you are have 5.x install. If your NBU version is 5.0 then you must upgrade to  MP4 before upgrading to 6.x.

There is no need to upgrade your enviornment to 6.0 MP4 before upgrading to 6.5.

Upgrade process for 6.5 is same as for 6.0.

Level 2
And in case you are offered to Beta test - "Upgrades from a previous Netbackup 6.5 beta to a Netbackup GA release is not supported". 

Level 6
I bet they don't get any repeat beta testers. That's a VERY bad policy.

Level 4
Hi folks...
In the thread created by Rakesh Khandelwal
To correctly understand it...if Our Master Server (Solaris 8) is Netbackup Business Server v5.1, MP3a (however the "version" file states "BUILDNUMBER NB_51MP3_20050628" )...can I simple upgrade directly to 6.5 and 
1. bypass applying higher maintenance packs to 5.1 before jumping to 6.5 and
2. bypass upgrading to 6.0 MPx from 5.1 before jumping to 6.5

Level 6
I cannot speak for Rakesh but,
I have recently read: via Backup Central

"According to the gurus at Vision 2007, you can upgrade from 5.0 MP4 or 5.1 (MP-any) to 6.5 without going through 6.0  You must, however, perform the NBCC and nbpushdata steps, just as you would for and upgrade to 6.0"


Level 4

Bob is correct, I presume Symantec is enterprising enough to allow a 5.1 to 6.5 upgrade rather than taking the middle path.