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Netbackup 7.7.3 to 8.1 upgrade

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Hi, I have to perform the Netbackup upgrade for a customer that has the following configuration. This is my first time I upgrade an environment so I could ask trivial questions.


  • Main server as master and media server
  • RHEL 7.2
  • NB 7.7.3


  • Reply with master and media server
  • Windows server 2008 R2
  • NB 7.7.3


  • Media server (NB version 7.7.2)
  • OPS (NB already upgraded to 8.1)
  • Windows server 2008 R2

The console resides on another server at version 7.7.3

As the OPS is already upgraded I can proceed with the master but I have a doubt on how to manage the reply and also regarding the fact that the master servers include the media servers (SERVER_1 and SERVER_2).

The correct order could be the following one?

1st. SERVER_1  

2nd. SERVER_2

3rd. SERVER_3

4th. Server with the console

Thank you




In general, the list goes like:

  1. Upgrade OpsCenter first
  2. Upgrade Master server and check functionality (rollback if issues persist)
  3. Upgrade Media server and check funtionality (rollback if issues persist) - media server with lower version works with upgraded Master server. Recommended to have master/media at same version though.

See upgrade guide:

Thank you X2 for helping. I know that order. OPS is already upgraded. I need to know if there is anything to keep in consideration about the master replication because in the "Netbackup 8.0 Upgrade Guide" this aspect is not addressed.

Thank you. Intore

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This is the first time that you mentioned 'replication'. 
Maybe this is what you meant with SERVER_2 (REPLY)

Are you referring to AIR (Automatic Image Replication)? 

About upgrades and AIR between different NBU versions -  
Please see this extract from NBU Dedupe Guide:

The ability to perform Auto Image Replication between different versions of NetBackup does not overrule the basic image compatibility rules. For example, a database backup that was taken in one NetBackup domain can be replicated to a NetBackup domain of an earlier version. However, the older server may not be able to successfully restore from the newer image.



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@Intore   you might want to run through Veritas SORT for NetBackup.

And if you use MSDP then I suggest that you open a support case and ask Veritas about pre-patching your MSDP disk pools (i.e. media servers) to aid the upgrade / conversion process.  But be careful if your MSDP disk pools are over 50% utilised.


Hi Marianne and thank you for replying. Yes, SERVER_2 is the replication of the SERVER_1. My doubt concerned any additional procedures to be followed in case of replication because I'll have to upgrade every environment component to 8.1 version.

Thank you



Hi sdo. I already performed the SORT on the main server and there every check is green:

Disk space for NetBackup deduplication upgrade --> Your Media Server Deduplication Pool does not require conversion.

Anyway I saw that the PureDisk occupied space exceeds 90%.

I'll try to open a support case in order to check with them if the current configuration/status could be fine.

Thank you