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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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restore machine vmware insufficient space

Hello,I try to restore a machine of a size of 1 tera the disk this thin provision. When highlighting the restore it says "insufficient space", I use thin provision in the restoration policy and the datastore is 500 Gb.Thank you 

Npalma by Level 4
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Use Netbackup With AWS RDS

Hi,Is it possible to move the Netbackup Master Server Database from single or multiple OS IaaS managed instance, into a AWS RDS PostgreSQL PaaS solution?

Resolved! Properly restart Netbackup master/media server

Plan to apply window updates to our Master/Media server(same box) and will need a reboot after that.Looking for a properly restart procedure :stop servicesclean bpsched locksdelete bpjobd.act.db......any info..thanks.   

Resolved! Smart Meter License

Hi How do I request Trial Smart Meter License to try?I'm not a customer and in says "If you need a customer registration key for NetBackup upgrade or installation, contact Customer Support".Thanks in advance

DFS Backup too slow

I have two systems with DFS enabled data OS of both system is Windows 2012 r2.when I start backup on one system backup transfer rate is about 25 M/b while on second system it is just 400 K/b. both system client version is 7.7.3 and netbackup master s...

Restoring VM machines when losing Vcenter

Hello community ,IS there a way to restore virtual machines when we lose our Vcenter ?For example can we use "Esxi credentials" instead of vcneter credentials in this cas ?Regards,      

cel1 by Level 3
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Backups on Linux Media Servers Slow Since Patching OS

We recently patched our Linux estate - Master, and Media Servers - kernel, and packages.We back up our File Persona shares via Samba mounts on the Media Servers to StoreOnce. Media Servers are running RHEL 7, and NBU 8.1.1.Since the patching, all Smb...

Netbackup master lost connection to media server and all clients

Hi all.My master server recently lost all connections to all clients and media server (socket open failed).Media server is NBU 5320 appliance.BPTESTBPCD on any client returns the following (bptestbpcd with debug in attached file):D:\Program Files\Ver...

eccio by Level 4
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OpsCenter Audit Trails user info

I would like to know who changed the policies, jobs, restarts etc.. But when we looked at the OpsCenter for audit trails it shows only root@masterserver. What needs to be done to reflect the user@masterserver in the audit trails in NBU 8.0 version

Export netbackup license key

I am in the process of upgrading my media servers (2). The plan is to build a new box, migrate the files to it, install Netbackup, rename the original server, rename the new server to the original servers name, have the new server take over.When I we...

Resolved! Re-provision an Appliance 5230 storage shelf

Hi I'm planning on removing a storage shelf from an old NetBackup 5230 appliance we have and to add it to another 5230 appliance we have to expand the MSDP on the second appliance. Veritas have confirmed this is ok and I don't see any issues in addin...

CadenL by Level 6
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NBU Policy Reporter

i'm on 7.7.3 and we don't have a backup policy reporter tool. i found this old link anyone know if a policy reporter is in the works for NBU? can'...

Resolved! Need to use all 8 characters for media ID

We are getting a new robot which will use LTO6 tapes, but will be able to read LTO4. On our old one we are using LTO3 and LTO4.So can I use all 8 barcode chars as media ID? I do not want to create conflict between for example: 000001L4 and 000001L6.O...

Resolved! Pause backup jobs

I found replies to similar questions but none of the answers aligned with what I have, honest.I am upgrading the OS on two servers with the netbackup client running on them. Installing to a new box, renameing to original, installing the client, tweak...