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Netbackup 8.1.2 upgrade to and client version

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i'm preparing an upgrade from 8.1.2 to

Two culprits.  An Enterprise Vault and Exchange.  The current Vault and Exchange versions are still supported.  But they run an Windows 2008 platforms.   Windows 2008 is no longer supported on

I understand i need to leave the client version at 8.1.2 on those two clients?  Upgrading to is or not possible (installer will refuse) or renders the setup not supported (taking into account 2008 is not supported anyway but the agent still continues to function without any issue)?

Before anyone asks, we have processes in place to migrate both clients.  But we'll probably need an upgrade of Netbackup earlier :) 


Level 6
I don’t understand when you say “migrate”? Do you want explain a bit more your thoughts?

I don’t see issues running clients with 8.1.2 as it is also a supported version. Unless it’s not a hot requirement leave clients with 8.1.2 or upgrade os on those clients followed by NBU client upgrade.


@pats_729 I think the OP is talking about migration of the clients running Windows 2008 with Exchange or Ent Vault to newer OS/Exchange/EntVault versions.

That aside, @Dredging support might ask you to upgrade to supported combination of NetBackup/OS/application on client in a situation if you open a case for an issue. As has been mentioned in earlier threads, officially unsupported combination does not mean it won't work. It may or may not work, usually it does but Support won't be able to help.

Personal observation: I have Windows 2008 and Windows 2008R2 (only Windows-x64) VM running version 8.2 of client. Also, during my compliance testing with version 9.0, I was able to upgrade the client to 9.0 (manual install) and all tests were successful. VxUpdate attempt to upgrade the client failed with status 7272 - nbinstallagent does not execute.

PS: Push the Windows system administrators to upgrade the servers as they have been long out of support.




Ok, thx.  Bottomline, i'll be sticking with 8.1.2 for those two clients.  And meantime the system admins can migrate them to more recent software versions.  Next year somewhere in June comes the next milestone, because then support for 8.1.2 enters the extended state.  If they aren't able to migrate by then, guess they'll need to take out their wallet then :)