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Netbackup Restore

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I have a restore request from an client.   In the main directory there is 5000 subdirectories.  Within these 5000 subdirectories there is a "*.dat" file...   They want  all the .dat files restored.  

It would take forever to manaully click each .dat file in the Admin Console Backup , Recovery.. restore section.  

There is the filter option in the GUI for the Restore but doesnt seem to work as expected.  This is what Im looking at below (see image below ) but there are like 5,000 directories each contain 4 files and one of the files is that of a .dat file.    I need the .dat file restored.   Anythin I missing in the GUI that could make me restore this more easily?   Or do I need to revert to the command line in which I not to familar with.    Thanks - BC






Been in similar situation often. You have much less files and folders to search from.

Once you have setup the restore criteria in the Backup, Archive and Restore > Restore files tab, use the "Binoculars" icon to find items to restore (*.dat, in your case) to get the "Search Backups" window (see below). This might take several minutes depending on restore criteria, and number of files to search. But it will finally give you the list of the files matching your search string (*.dat). Verify which ones you want want to restore (Modified date/Backup date/Path, etc) and highlight them, then pressing space-bar will select all highlighted. After that you can continue on with the restore process.





Thanks for pointing that out to me...  But I would still have to CLICK 5K check marks box in the Results of the Search.   inorder to grab/restore all the files (*.dat).  There is no option in the SEARCH BACKUPs to select all the Results of the search..  Not that I can see..



Hi @bc1410 

If you right click in the windows you will see an option to mark all selected files. You should be abel to use the date/time,  browse directory specification and the binoculars to restrict your view to the releveant files, then selecting all and marking them is simple.



@bc1410 wrote:

 There is no option in the SEARCH BACKUPs to select all the Results of the search..  Not that I can see..

That part does not have much to do with NetBackup per say. "Ctrl+A" highlights all search results, and space bar selects (adds check marks) the highlighted results. Other option is as @davidmoline suggested, use right-click contextual options.

Another way is to copy all the results (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C) and then put them in a text file and use bprestore command to restore the files ( for text file format refer bprestore command documentation).