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Netbackup SQL issue

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Good day,

I have a query im hoping you could assist. We have a SQL client which is in SIMPLE mode where the log drive of 120GB ran out of space in a matter of 2 hours. This happened during the a diff backup of the Database. It was concluded by the DBA that Netbackup was somehow responsible for this, to which i dont agree. So i have a few questions.

I know the backup process is a read process on the DB so can NBU somehow prevent the transactions from committing to the Database during the backup?

If a long running query on the DB or a massive process is running impact the Backup of the DB in terms of run time?

The log drive was full and we saw the below error:

The transaction log for database 'gateway' is full due to 'ACTIVE_BACKUP_OR_RESTORE'.

More space on the log drive was added and only once the backup completed did the log space free up. (Not sure if the log drive was shrunk) after the backup.




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Hi @Maverick101 ,

As far I know this database is in recovery model SIMPLE, so If Im not mistaken it should not generating transaction logs.

I was searching and I found this article, take a look

From what I saw is similar to your problem and there is a explanation about it.

Hope this helps