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New media server and opitmized duplication

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Hi all,

I've a client on a remote site, with poor (very poor) bandwith. I've added a new media server. I've change the media server for this client, and despite duplicate image from old media to new media, next backup will do a full backup.

Do you any advice to help me ? How can I retrieve track journal ?

Activity Monitor extract :

Info bpbrm (pid=5768) There is no complete backup image match with track journal, a regular full backup will be performed.

Info bpbkar32 (pid=5308) not using change journal data for <xxxx>: no previous track log



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There is no way to migrate the track journal, however to use the baclup you duplicated, you have to run the pre-seed procedure


Does it matter how the media is duplicated (manually vs SLP)?  I have the same issue backing up directly to a remote media server that has already recieved the images via SLP.  I tried the pre-seed procedures but seems to have no affect.  The 1st backup to the secondary media server sends the entire data set over the wan.

I thought pre-seeding was only needed if the client has never been backed up before and you had a similar client to use as a source.  In this case i'm 'pre-seeding' the original client to it's own replicated backups?  Why is pre-seeding needed at all if it's literally the same client data?