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OCI clients

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We have an existing netbackup infrastructure
We are migrating two Oracle databases and associated applications to OCI (oracle cloud infrastructure) using IAAS

I don't want to backup using snapshots , they don't fit our needs

I really want to carry on backing up as we have done, only now the hosts are in the cloud and the 'tape drive' will be object storage.

I have seen and so I think I'm OK with Object Storage as the target.

My question is about the hosts , do I just treat the cloud hosts in the same way as the on-prem hosts. Am I missing something here ? I'm not really a netbackup specialist so excuse what may be a very newbie question



Level 6


you can setup a media server (possibly in same subnet as your oracle server) within Oracle Cloud and define the same media server as data mover for Object Storage Server. Perhaps use it as Cloud Catalyst.

The links you posted, shows the same solution.

You understood it right.. treat your new cloud hosts as on-prem hosts but deploy  a media server in same cloud and backup to object storage.

Hope it helps.