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Passing Netbackup 8.0 Exam

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Hello everyone, I am studying Veritas Netbackup 8.0 and intend to pass the exam next week. The thing is, beside Veritas official training I don't have much experience administering Netbackup. I would love to know if I can answer the exam questions based on the training materials. Another question, can I pass VCS-277 instead of VCS-276 knowing that I have no training nor experience with the Appliance. Thanks in advance


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VCS-276 is for Administration of NetBackup v8.0

VCS-277 is for Administration of NetBackup v8.0 and Appliance v3.0

I don't know if the training materials alone should be enough to pass.  It seems to me that there are always some questions that require a deeper understanding of some topics which one cannot acquire / learn until one has actually configured and used and thus truely understood.  Good luck though.

If one has not tried to learn anything at all about the appliances then I cannot see how one could reasonably expect to pass exam VCS-277, unless perhaps one is somehow quite lucky with educated / random guesses.


I think you'd have a hard time passing the VCS-277 exam with no hands on experience with a NetBackup Appliance. As for the VCS-276 exam, you'll want to make sure you have have a good grasp on tape basics including tape libraries.

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You should not trust these dumps also if you read the small pint of the exam you are sitting the use of such materials can result in your qualification being revoked.

This is called cheating.