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Problems With Sybase Backup

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Hello World.


Here I am bothering you again with my problems, now I have an issue with my monthly Sybase Backups, the KB/sec for the backup is so slow going between 4000 to 10000, I have to say that the SYBASE scripts apparently works well, but still the backup windows extends for more than 12 hours for a 600gb backup. 

But when I run my daily backups the transfer rate is good.

As an Attachment you can find the time that takes for the policy to work, but that is just one of almost 60 DB that we make the backup.


As Always thanks for the help that this amazing group always give me.




Alejandro P.


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You need to give us more info.... 

The screenshots in your doc shows acceptable throughput.
Yes, the Monthly took longer, but obviously Sybase on the client need to gather and generate more data to be backed up. 

For long-running monthly backups, best to start with troubleshooting on the Sybase client.
NBU can only write as fast as it's receiving data from the client. 
Set client logging level to 3.
Check Sybase output file, any kind of logs under /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/dbext (if anything is logged there).
Ensure these log folders exist under /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/ with 777 permission:

Check these logs after backups to see what processing is taking place on client w.r.t NBU and Sybase.

Get OS team to monitor OS resources during backups. 

Check Sybase knowledge base for ways to improve backup performance. 

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First of all thanks for your continous help, Its been 10 years that I am working with Veritas and you always give me a light where I should follow the solution.


I will check the client, but in the file i attached you can show that the DB that backed up was the same in both schedules.


I wanted to ask you something?


You think that will be good for that special backup if I install it as a media server to use "client direct"


Also, my master server is working now on 8.0 (planning on the upgrade to 8.2 this week) and the client is working on 7.6, maybe this is also causing some trouble???



Thanks again for your help,


Best Regards,


Alejandro P.