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Reccomendation for a setup

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Hi Everyone,

I have an NBU setup that has four media servers (3 Windows and 1 Linux). All media servers share a storage unit that has a disk pool of two NBU5000 appliances.

I have clients backups for a whole lot of servers. The question is, what is the reccomended way to configure these media servers (load balancing/failover) and what would be the best practise?

On another note, lets say the backup for one client starts from media server1. The restore does not work from media server2 (this is as per design as I understand). How should I make sure that the backup and restore media server for a particular client remains the same?





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Hi Shahfur,

1. Select "Least recently selected storage unit" option in the STU Group.

2. The media server which is owning the media will be the media server while restoring the data.

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There has been some important changes on this topic - which media server will be used for restore?

If you're using tape, the same old method applies, the backup media server will be the one used for restore - unless you use MEDIA_HOST_OVERRIDE setting or assign the media to a new owner (media server).

If you're using disk, this will be different, a "less busy" media server will be used. Check out the following technotes to have more understanding and see how you can control it (or direct it to use back the backup media server for restore):



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Hey Mate,


If you have 3 Media Servers and one PDDO - SPA 2xNBU5000.... 

Instead of creating a Storage Unit Group, create one (1) storage unit and select sharing for all Media Servers. It will work like Storage Unit Group Load Balancing but will be less complex and you can use that config in Storage Lifecycle Policy.


Hope it helps.