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Afternoon VOX, Need some guidance please...

2 Sites with 5 Windows Media servers each... using AIR to replicate data.

SiteBlue Reps to-> SiteRed

Server1 (SiteBlue) replicates to ServerA (SiteRed)
SLPName:  SLPServer1Data        SLP is created at Both sites.
Everything has been working... Replication to SiteRed and Import and etc.

Due to some issues located, Server1 MSDP was recreated.
When ReConfiguring, under StorageServer config, the replication Target Storage Server Name was incorrectly set to ServerB (SiteRed).

As a result, when data hits SiteRed, the SLP there doesn't have the right server name to import it from. So we are getting the SLP_No_Target_SLP at the Target Master.

Question becomes.. since now data is hitting on the Wrong Server at SiteRed, is an edit to the SPLP: SLPServer1Data to import from ServerB.. is this sufficient?

I hope I've explained it well....