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SharePoint 2001 and NBU 6.0 MP1

Level 6
Is anyone out there using this combination of products? If so, let me know b/c we are and it's not working well! I've got a ticket in with support, but we don't seem to be getting anywhere very quickly! :) Help!

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We are using it and having many problems also. I'm hopeful that MP2 will help some of the issues.

Level 6
Anyone else have this scenaring in a working environment?

Level 6

Is SharePoint 2001 patched?

What does scenaring mean?

Try here:

Looks like you have had this problem be4
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James Dunn

Level 6
Scenaring = Scenario. Oops!

Yes, we've had multiple problems with our SharePoint 2001 backups since upgrading to 6.0. We thought we had them fixed, then found that the backups were dumping files to a temporary cache location and filling up the C drive--stopping the backup, the OS and SharePoint. We also can't get them to kick off from a scheduled backup--only a manual start works. We're hoping that MP2 helps out with some of this, and we'll start installing that today.